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The photos are Black Mouth Curs owned by me or my Dad (Shawnee Don) and are from the Howard Line of Cur.




Kevin is standing with Kassie (from Odie). She is a fine example of a Howard-Line Black mouth Cur.






Our male BMC is sitting with some teens in the snow. These dogs are very loyal and protective of their owner and family.

These are great family pets!



   All my dogs are a legacy from my father, Shawnee Don Oyler. I am continuing the line in Chester, Virginia and he continues to raise his Black Mouth Curs in Alabama.  I believe the Howard line of Black Mouth Curs are the finest BMCs available.  This line produces very consistent size, shape, and behavior. You donít see the variations that occur in other lines. Our Black Mouth Curs are hard, fast hunters that find game using all of their senses; eyes, ears or nose. We prefer silent trailers but if they open a just a little on a very hot track due to their excitement, thatís allowed but they are never open on a track like a hound. Our dogs have a loud, deep chop on bay or tree allowing you to find them easily.

   Black Mouth Curs (BMC) are very social. They are energetic during the puppy stage, calming down nicely by 2 years of age. A fenced yard is fine for a BMC, although several owners keep their BMC as indoor pets. They seem to really enjoy Kennel Training and I encourage this training by the owner. They are extremely loyal and easily trained. In my opinion, discipline and training should be limited to harsh voice tones, whistles, etc. Spanking such an easy-to-train dog can have the adverse effect of making them extremely shy. All potential owners will be screened. These dogs are tough in the woods (bred for protecting against hogs, mountain lion, and bear), yet gentle on the family and extremely loving.

   WHAT ABOUT COLOR: "Why are there so many color variations in one breed of dog? I occasionally see black, yellow, brindle, red, white and cream colors in one breederís single litter."
The color variations within the breed are acceptable, just as in other breeds of dogs. If you see all these variations in just one litter, then I suggest researching the breeding history. That particular litter might be an outcross in an attempt to improve the line. My Dad and I donít have this type of color variation in a single litter. As Dad puts it, "It is my opinion that if a dog breeds true, you will not see color variations in their litter." Our line is buckskin to a reddish bay, as seen in our photos. This is what we work towards: good personality, great hunting ability, buckskin to red color, and good conformation.

 Kassie loves her puppies and is making sure we all know it! My Kassie is 7/8 Howard. The sire of the pups pictured here was used as an outcross that looks like Kassie and has great abilities (3/4 Ladner - Rambo and Silver are in the pedigree). By outcrossing, then line-breeding, I am hoping to retain, if not improve, Kassie's characteristics to ensure that I have a dog like her for the next generation of Murphys.

  If you are researching Black Mouth Curs as a prospective owner, you should be able to find exactly what you want among the several outstanding lines available, such as the Howard Line.

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